Christian Andrade Trying To Stuff The Hole Of The Notorious Boyhous

The relentless Christian Andrade rummages through his substantial toy collection and finally finds some tools which only the expert is able to identify as dildos or things to go up someone’s ass. To anyone else, for all intents and purposes, what Christian Andrade shoves up the notorious hole of the insatiable Boyhous must look more like something from a horror movie or something pinched from the London Dungeon.

But no, it’s not from the London Dungeon – it’s from CLUB-INFERNO-DUNGEON,¬†who in Hole-Busters 9 went to great lengths - literally – to cum up with hole-stuffing instruments that live up to the movie’s title!

For the full version of Hole-Busters 9, scene 1, please click HERE!


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