From The Life Of A Filthy Cock And Ass Whore

Tough hetero Wayne is a mouthy cunt. He viciously swears and shows a shocking degree of disrespect. With his smooth firm ass pointed in the air he gets a firm spanking that leaves a hand-print on his pale cheek. While his insolence continues he gets a lashing which makes him buck against his restraints. His filthy words are replaced by cries and whimpers.

He’s instructed to beg to wank his captors who won’t be satisfied until his pleas to give them pleasure are totally sincere. His ass is given a merciless beating until large welts appear. With his hands full of dick, he still mouths off so Adrian fills his filthy hole with a big fat dildo!

To keep him quiet Dave demands that his hard cock be orally serviced. Once he’s finally been psychologically broken and physically exhausted this straight man is turned into the cock and ass whore he was born to be.

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